Technical Description

Phase IImprovement of Lee Breakwater Armouring

Rock armouring works for the improvement of the existing Lee Breakwater of Kavala Old Port including:

Minor dredging works and underwater placement of geotextile fabric.

Construction of breakwater’s core with quarry run material:60.000m³.

Placing of primary and secondary protection rock armouring layers with natural rocks 85.000m³ of 0,2÷4 tons,50.000m³ and 4÷6 tons.

Phase IINea Karvali, Extension of quay walls, northern section

Dredging works for the Port’s basin and for the foundation of quay wall’s CAISSONS and reclamation works with suitable dredging materials for the formation of the land area.

Dredging works of 360.000m³ for the Port basin and 350.000m³ for the foundation of the CAISSONS.

Reclamation works with suitable dredged materials, 500.000m³.