Construction Ayia Napa Marina:
Marina Basin Dredging, land reclamation & consolidation
Construction of Breakwater with armouring of rock quarried materials and pre-cast concrete blocks, including tetrapodes of two tons each.
East Outer Shore Protection
Construction of quaywalls/ absorbing walls & concrete crown wall.

Pipe pilling for fixed jetties and platforms, construction & installation of floating dockage system.


The main process units of the plant are the following:
– Septic reception unit for the simultaneous reception (emptying) of 30 tankers.
– Preliminary treatment of sewage and septic sewage (screening, degritting, grease removal, septic flocculation)
– Two septic sewage Primary Clarification Tanks (15m diameter each).
– Two Sewage Primary Clarification Tanks (50m x 10m each).
– One aeration basin (21.000m3 volume, with 14 surface aerators of 700 KW ).
– Two Final Sedimentation Tanks (44m diameter each).
– Chlorination unit.
– Two Anaerobic Digesters (7.900m3 volume each).
– One Second – stage Digester (3.500m3 volume).
– Sludge Dewatering plant (four belt-filter presses of 3m width).
– Digester sludge mixing and heating system by use of biogas.
– Electrical power sub-station and distribution system for a total installed power of 2400 KVA and an 830 KVA emergency power generator.
– Automation and Control System.

After successful completion of construction, the plant has been operated and maintained by the “CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHRISTOPHER D. CONSTANTINIDIS S.A.”